Monday, February 28, 2011


I completed this study during the middle of winter, which over here has been particularly severe! The idea was the show the cold winter landscape contrasting with some of the warmer grasses which in the reserve nearby take on a lovely golden color at the end of the year. Light snow aids as something of a contrast to the grasses and the darkening sky is perhaps a sign of more cold weather to come. Of course now it is almost spring and I for one are more than happy about that! There are American Robins patrolling my lawn and woodpeckers drumming in the woods. The first snowdrops have flowered and I can see the beginnings of many daffs and tulips poking through the mulch around my home. Can't wait to see the flowers!
Cold Morning study is 5" X 7" - oil on canvas. $150 unframed, $180 framed inc shipping within the USA.


Peter Brown said...

Jeremy, I've just endured our hottest and driest summer on record. The scene you've so beautifully rendered looks very inviting!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Peter! Your'e welcome to come and visit whenever you want! Although after such prolonged cold that we've experienced lately, I'm not sure how long you would want to stay! Personally speaking, I can only take the cold in small doses and am completely happy now that it has warmed up a bit!