Tuesday, October 12, 2010


These two paintings were recently finished after another trip back to the farm north of where I live near Frederick. Both were started on site with most of the work completed some time ago but only recently finished in the studio. The structures around this farm have fascinated me since the first time I visited and I'm sure that I'll be doing many more paintings from there. I have lots of them already planned in my head - just need to find the time to start and finish them all! Anyway, both of these are oils, the first on board and the second on canvas. Once I get things organised I'll start posting images for the up-coming Fall Festival exhibition at McBride Gallery later this month where I'll be the featured artist.


Pat said...

They are both gorgeous, but that first one really calls to me. I love the compartments within it :)

Linda said...

Excellent. I like the way the barn door frames the trees.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Pat and Linda. Actually that old cupboard really got to me filled as it was with nick-nacks, old tools and other junk. I'm hoping to do a larger version so I can get to some of those items in detail and really do it justice. Loved the light in that painting too and actually you can just see the cupboard on the left side of the barn in the other painting.