Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here is the finished painting. I decided before I started to keep it simple because, as I mentioned earlier, it really is more of a pre-study and an exercise in understanding the shape and rusty finish of the lantern. In this final part, I slightly modified the background first adding a little more texture along the way then darkened the lantern's frame trying all the while to keep its rusty feel. The shadowed areas also went quite a bit darker using washes of sepia and burnt umber. I slightly cooled this mix using Windsor blue then did the glass keeping it somewhat dirtied and smoky as the original would be if used regularly. The tattered cord was washed over with cad yellow then the shadows laid in when that was dry. Attention to a few smaller details and it was done! Size is 22" X 15".


Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

I think it's fabulous. The simple background gives the feeling that it's on display, your last washes really amped up the contrast. Looks great!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks for that Carrie, I'm now hoping to find some time to do a larger painting for which this lantern is only part of.