Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This one is coming along nicely at this point and I realise that there is not that much left to do. Previously I has spent some time working on the background getting the tones of the shadows correct then slightly darkening the stone that was showing through the white paint. I have also added a few layers of acrylic to the tap to help define its shape as well as getting close to the color values that I want. Actually the main imputus for this painting came from the shape of the shadow cast by the tap so this was darkened along with the inside of the spout but the tap itself still needs quite a bit of work. A few more hours and I should have this one finished very soon, hopefully by tomorrow!


Pat said...

Fascinating watching this develop.
Looking forward to seeing the finished work.

custom trains said...

Excellent light and shadow. I like to see art made from function.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Pat and Custom Trains, hope you like the finished painting.