Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Finally here is the painting that has taken a few weeks to finish - not that I have been working on it all this time but rather doing a bit here and there. It came out differently from both the study I did earlier and the idea I had in my mind. Still I'm happy with it, especially since in the planning stages, I wanted to keep the foreground details to a minimum so the eye would go the the upper part of the painting. This seemed to work pretty much as expected. The image brings back fond memories of strolling through the area, sketching as I went and enjoying the misty atmosphere of trees and distant mountains. I remember that it was raining occasionally that morning but that only added to the mood and brought out the lush green of the grasses. While looking a bit dark here, this oil (on canvas) is 9"X12".


Jon said...

Absolutely breath taking. Truly something i would not mind having to hang in my house. I always enjoy looking at your work; it gives me plenty to write about in my own essays. Please, My friend and I would appreciate it if you looked at our page and gave some feedback. It's new, so don't be too disappointed.

Pat said...

Beautiful painting!
I came across your blog as I was browsing and it is so interesting I stopped to read and am now a follower!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Hi Jon and thanks for your comments - very much appreciated. I'll be sure to check out your blog the next time I'm online.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Pat, thank you and so glad that you found my blog. And I'm even happier now that you are a follower!