Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last year, I did a small 8X10 study of this scene that I saw in Canada. When I got back to the studio I started work on a slightly larger version. Well the half-completed painting sat around in the studio for some time until recently when I decided that I wanted to finish it. Here I am working on the water and foreground rocks having completed most of the rest of the painting some time before. It is getting there but for some reason I like the study better! Perhaps I need to finish this one before giving a final judgement as this painting does contain more foreground than the study. One of the things that attracted me to this scene initially was looking through the crystal clear water to the bottom of the river bed and wanted to try and expand on this feeling by including more water in the larger version. Hope this one will work out as intended because I want to get on to a few other paintings in the River Rocks series. The painting hasn't that much further to go and a few more days work should see it done.

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