Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It seems like ages since I last updated my blog. That's probably because it has been - ages I mean. Now that I am back from my latest Canada trip, I have finally established a regular presence in my studio again. This will I'm sure lead to more regular postings. During the trip and since my return, I have been busy completing studies and also working on new paintings inspired by some of the things I have seen. Morning mist at Lower Hamilton was from a walk taken on the first morning after my arrival. The slightly cooler weather brought many such misty mornings and was a delight to me as I travelled around recording what I saw. This scene has led to a series of paintings, more of which I will share later on. The colors and light that particular morning were amazing as the sun rose through the mist which slowly thickened as I stood observing and painting. So much so that these trees shown in this study almost completely disappeared. This oil is 6" X 8".


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy

I've often seen a lot of mists these days starting October, but never saw one quite like this around where I live. You must have captured the most beautiful moment early in the morning. It's a pleasure getting to enjoy this from your blog. Thanks for sharing!


Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Cherry, I was particularly inspired by the different atmosphere I felt during my latest trip to Vancouver. Many of the places I had visited in the past felt different this time. It wasn't just the changing of the seasons, rather something more personal that effected my whole being. And this feeling is what I tried to get into some of these smaller studies.