Friday, May 9, 2008


Here we have yet another of the Morning in the Desert series. I feel that perhaps this series is winding down to a close now with maybe only a few more to go. This painting was another protracted work that was started well over a year or so ago. Initially the sky was painted in along with the distant mountain range but as with a number of my earlier works, I was less than happy with the result. So there it sat, gathering dust and the occasional spider's web, until last month when I decided to do something about it. I thought that if I could successfully repaint the sky, then the work would have a chance. So it was dusted off and put on the easel. I started by darkening some areas of the sky, adding and blending lighter clouds into the upper section then finishing off with the darker clouds that gave so much depth to the sky. I stood back and took a critical look - much better! Now onto the foreground.
This area of the painting took quite a long time to complete as along with the details in the shrubby brush, there were many different other minor decisions to make. I didn't want to go too dark because although there is not a lot of light in the scene, there would still be plenty of details in the foreground visible. So it was a bit of this and a bit of that working back and forth until finally I called it finished. On reflection, I think that it turned out fine and is perhaps another lesson in not giving up too soon. The work has a pleasing richness to it unlike some of the others in the series, mainly due to a slight change in my painting technique. Looking at it certainly takes me back to the time I stood and watched the gentle dawn breaking over the desert. This oil is 12" X 24".

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