Saturday, May 3, 2008


And here is the finished painting. I think that because of the field study that I did and the fact that I know this place so well, I really had no problems with the completion of this painting. It was one of those that went well right from the start. With a large brush, I started with some lighter color in the sky area then laid in the darker clouds next. With a little blending, I was able to create a nebulous feeling to the sky and also to the cloud reflections in the water. I kept the thin strip of land greyed to suggest distance then used a bold mix of cadmium yellow deep, burnt sienna and raw umber for the marsh grasses. Some smaller details were added here and there and that was it.
I like the way that the light works in this painting creating the interesting reflections among the basically three band of color. I did see this work as being slightly differently to my other marsh paintings and I feel this one is the most abstract of them all. It does have a quiet meditative feel which really is what I was after and this was something that the client who purchased the painting reflected on too. This oil on canvas is 30" X 40".

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