Sunday, May 15, 2022



During most of our stay near the harbor, I would wake early and go down to the nearby boat dock both to see what was about and also to greet the new day. One morning just as dawn arrived, an Osprey flew past with a medium-sized fish in its talons. The image stayed with me so recently I did this small painting and tried to capture that encounter.

When I had finished the Osprey watercolor, I did this drawing of another Osprey carrying nesting material remembering a bird I saw in southern Virginia. It had calmly swooped down and scooped up a talon-full of dried grass that had washed up on the shoreline totally ignoring the sunbathers and beach walkers that were all about! Both these works are sized about 12 x 9 inches.


John Holmes said...

The torpedo-like angle of the gripped fish is always a thrill to see. A short drive for me to view these

Jeremy Pearse said...

Yes, love to see it too. Shortly afterwards, I watched an Osprey with a smaller fish that managed to wriggle out of its talons, fell onto the boat dock, flapped about a few times then splashed into the water! The bird circled about for a bit then flew off - probably to try again.