Sunday, March 6, 2022



I noticed a flock of birds on the beach just above the waterline so slowly made my way towards them. Eventually I managed to get close enough that I was almost surrounded by birds then settled down so that I could study them. I chose Forster's Terns for my first watercolor paintings doing these in my sketchbook.

They were about 20 or so Forster's along with 2 Royal Terns, quite a number of Laughing Gulls and also lesser numbers of Ring-billed Gulls. Two Rock Doves also sat nearby. To start with, I washed in a simple background then tried to capture the overall shapes of the terns before adding any details (the lower bird had reddish legs for example where most of the other birds legs were black). Both these studies done on Grumbacher paper, size about 6 x 9 inches each.

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