Friday, October 29, 2021



Ghost crabs were often seen as we walked along the shore. Most quickly disappeared into their burrows as we approached but some were caught out when we got between them and their holes dug in the sand. Then they usually would freeze and we could get a much closer look at them.

Occasionally, we would come across much larger specimens that simply stood their ground, pincers raised and at the ready! Two of those crabs are pictured here. Both done in watercolor on Canson paper, each around 6" x 9".


John Holmes said...

Great sketches - can you do these “in the field” or do you need a photo to record the detail ?

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks, these were started in the field as rough sketches with added notes then refined when I got home using some photos for the finer details. As you probably know, they don't usually hang around - diving into their burrows whenever one gets close. With these though I was able to get much more done from life than usual as the two featured here were not moving around much (probably because they were much larger individuals).