Wednesday, April 28, 2021



During a recent trip to Chincoteague, I was very happy to discover that Piping Plovers had arrived - I found 3 feeding on the same mudflat quite close to each other along with Dunlin and Black-bellied Plovers. I was able to stay and draw them for a while but did this watercolor later when we got back home. They really are diminutive birds but typically plover-like in behavior. And when a Merlin zipped past heading north, all the other waders took off but they amazingly stayed, crouching slightly for a while then they began feeding again. This painting was done on Canson watercolor paper, size is 12" x 8".


John Holmes said...

Piping Plovers are little cuties (that’s my Serious Scientific Opinion)

Jeremy Pearse said...

They are cute, that's for sure! They breed on the nearby island so hopefully I'll be able to get a look at their chicks when they hatch (at a safe distance of course). I think they will be even cuter - and that's my Serious Scientific Opinion!