Tuesday, February 23, 2021



I finally got this one finished! The painting certainly took longer than expected (as is usually the case). I think I struggled a bit with the balance of the foreground grasses and the water. Also getting the tones in this area right took some time too. I really should have done a pre-study first as that would have helped sort out some of the problems that I had to work through. Anyway, this and a few other paintings will be at McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD soon. Size is 13" x 25" (33cm x 64cm), oil on canvas.


John Holmes said...

Looks like a nice spot - how big is the painting this time ?

Jeremy Pearse said...

It is a nice spot! We visit the reserve once or twice a week - always a lot to see! Size is 13" x 25" (33cm x 64cm). I forgot to add the dimensions so have updated the post to show this.