Sunday, July 9, 2017


Taking another day-trip from Melbourne, we traveled south down to the coastal road and onto the 12 Apostles. These offshore rocks tower over the sea below and are spectacular to say the least. There are a few viewing areas - the watercolor above shows probably the best of them - but the area is very busy with tourists, so setting up and doing any painting there would have been very difficult - the most I could do at the time was a quick sketch! We were also under a rather strict time constraints as there were other places to see and still the long drive back to the city. At least I would be able to work on the painting when I got back to the hotel room in the evening.

Birding was great! Some birds seen on the trip were more easily approached (and photographed) than others such as the Galah above. The coastal landscape was also very inspiring and I'm sure will be the subject of more than a few paintings. Fortunately the weather was equally as inspiring with only a brief rain shower and some overcast - it was hot but not humid.

Birds were quite tame back in the city too and taking a boat trip upriver was an unforgettable experience with quite a lot of new species seen. We also did a lot of walking around exploring the parks and enjoying what Melbourne had to offer. There is a lot of history there and some fabulous older buildings.

The next stage of our trip was a short hop across to Tasmania where we were meeting and staying with a friend from our Hong Kong days. I'll cover that part in the next post.

Above images:
The 12 Apostles, watercolor on paper, 7.5" x 11".
Galah parrot.
Black Duck.


Peter Brown said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip "down under", Jeremy. You should have called in for a cuppa!

John Holmes said...

The Galahs are fabulous birds - Australia is a great place for parrots....

Jeremy Pearse said...

Me too Pete! Next time we visit and are staying closer to you, we'll certainly look you up. Cheers!

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, I have kind of glossed-over our bird sightings here but we spent most days looking to see as much as we could and actually ended up seeing a lot! The trip was a great introduction to the avifauna (and flora) of Australia and we definitely want to go back.