Friday, September 2, 2016


Normally I would paint in the background first but decided with this painting to complete the whole bird portrait first. It would mean painting around the image later on but it seemed to be relatively straightforward. I do like the warm yellowish overall tone already there but have to paint over the underlying image so will probably put in something more subdued - which I hope will better bring out the bird's colors.
After adding the pale greyish tones of the head, it was fun then to use a brighter blue for the chin and neck. The 'horn' was completed with greys, browns and a little black then I used some of this leftover paint to create texture and wrinkles around the head, working wet-into-wet to blend everything in. The area of the hind neck has more detail so will probably take a little longer to finish - I don't want to rush this area as it's a bit complicated.

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