Thursday, August 13, 2015


Working slowly on the back and wing, I completed that section then moved around here and there darkening some areas and adding more details as needed. I tidied up the eye a little then added the finest shading to some of the markings and also along the breast as I wanted to define that line a bit more. At this time, I'm still not sure what pose the bird will be in when it comes time to do a watercolor study but have just finished another light drawing on watercolor paper of the bird in a slightly different pose than this one so that will most likely be it. I have certainly enjoyed making studies of this most impressive Buteo - I'm sure they won't be the last. Finished drawing is on Arches paper, size 15" x 11" (38cm x 28cm).


john said...

Ferruginous Hawks are as impressive as just about any raptor. I love their colors and pattern, not to mention their impressive size. I miss seeing them like I did when I lived in Arizona.
You did an admirable job with the drawing and I hope your watercolor comes out as well as this did.

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, many thanks. I really do envy you seeing these birds in the wild, I did look for them when I was in Arizona but sadly missed seeing any. Well, hopefully next time.