Monday, June 29, 2015


After deciding that I had done enough to the braids, I worked around the eye and the nose a little, again keeping things lighter that I should. I'll be working over most areas a few times until I attain the correct tonal value. I also worked for some time on the area around the ear and started to add more details to the hair directly above, feeling my way along as I'm a little unsure how to created the correct effect. Still at this point, I'm happy with the way this one is going so far.


john said...

Now it is far enough along that I can really see what the character of the piece is going to be. Great work. Have you been to Africa to get your resource material?

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, actually my family emigrated to South Africa back in the early 70's so this type of reference was all around me. I did some work like this when I lived there but mostly drew and painted birds and African animals. Still I like to think that all the things I saw and experienced there sunk deep into my sub-conscious and are only now coming out to be thought about and perhaps painted.