Sunday, July 13, 2014


Some smaller studies done mostly in my sketchbooks - all from life. The immature Gryfalcon was seen at a wildlife art show some years back, first drawn from life then the above study finished in the studio.

Studies of an immature American Crow drawn via a telescope from my studio. The Greylag Goose done from a waterfowl collection in the UK.

This feather found on a walk near where I live, most likely from a Red-shouldered Hawk. They breed in the nearby woods and are almost always seen when we go that way. In spring their shrill and loud calling comes from high up in the sky as they soar over our home proclaiming their territory.

These unusual seed pods are from the Sweetgum Tree (Liquidambar stryaciflua). A mature tree grows just up the street and later in the year, these pods lie scattered all over the ground, the small seeds are inside and come out if you shake the pod.  Would love to rake up a few hundred and use them in the garden as mulch - they have a fascinating structure and invite closer study. All these studies done in watercolor - sizes vary.


John Holmes said...

The American Crow studies really capture a feel for the "jizz" and mannerisms of the bird.
It reminds me that something like video can capture the spirit of a bird so much quicker than a single image can, - for people like me who can't draw, that is.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, I once had over 50 crows in my back garden during a particularly cold winters' day, I had put out a lot of food and the crows really piled in! Still, I was surprised at how tame they had become.