Thursday, April 17, 2014


Living next to the sea as I did for so many years was a special and enlightening experience. Here I could sample nature in all her differing moods and spent many hours walking the shoreline. On one occasion, I came across this small tidal pool and did some small studies before starting this larger watercolor. The foreground directs the eye upward and into the painting with the subtle lines of draining water through the sand. The small ripples on the right are very important to this work also as they keep the eye inward too. I was especially pleased with the mood of this painting and didn't include any birds of other such seaside life as I felt this would only detract from what I had set out to do. This watercolor is about 22" x 30".


john said...

I just love a bold composition such as this. It is a real temptation for me to steal this basic idea with the ripples leading the eye up to the rocks at the top. I would not be able to resist adding a shorebird on the rocks but it would probably just detract from the design. Well done.

Jeremy Pearse said...

John thanks, it was quite an effort for me too not to include a bird and I still have a few ideas to do more like this with a wader or such in there!