Saturday, June 1, 2013


This painting needed only a few touch-ups to it before I called it finished. A difficult painting to photograph properly - in reality the work is a little darker (especially the foreground) and the grasses are more subtle in their tones. This painting - along with a few others, are being exhibited at Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, Virginia - I'll be having an exhibition there later in the year and will keep you posted.
The farm painting that I mentioned in my last post has become bogged down so will be awhile in coming. In the meantime I am happily working my way through some of the other unfinished painting in the studio. Hopefully more pics soon. Summer Landscape is an oil on canvas, size 16" X 24".


John Holmes said...

Jeremy -

if I saw this from the tee (on a golf course) I know the ball would go straight into the water.. because the water looks so inviting.

very atmospheric

Jeremy Pearse said...

John thanks, I do love the almost magical atmosphere of this time of the evening.