Thursday, April 25, 2013


This painting was another in the studio waiting for a re-work. I started on the sky deepening it somewhat and  then adding a few high thin clouds. The wood-line behind the barns was deepened slightly and extended in height to slightly above the forward-facing building - this helped the anchor the buildings within the scene somewhat. I also re-painted the snow adding a slightly warmer underpainting to the mid-ground then getting cooler towards the foreground. The barn buildings were slightly deepened in tone and then a few details picked out in places finishing off with a little work to the grasses. In the frame it looks fine but I'll give it a week or so - who knows, by then I may find something else to do to it! Size is 9" X 12" - oil on canvas.


John Holmes said...

Re-working must be a real challenge.... I'm sure I wouldn't know when to stop !

Jeremy Pearse said...

Yes John, that is the danger. In fact I still did some more work to the painting after it had been posted here - now it's in a gallery so its safe for awhile!