Monday, May 24, 2010


I painted this smallish serval study a while ago and as a reminder to finish off the unfinished one I have in my studio, I'm posting a pic of it here in the hopes that it will inspire me to get back to that one. Although I don't paint a lot of animal subjects, this study was done on gessoed board using thin washes of oil similar to how I would do a watercolor. I do love these small cats with their large ears, long legs and beautiful body markings and hope to do more, perhaps in a larger setting. Size of this one is 14" X 11".


Peter Brown said...

Very nice Jeremy!

What medium did you use to thin the oil paint to that consistency?

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Peter. I think I just used turpentine. Some of my paints as they come out of the tube are quite thin anyway so didn't have to be actually thinned, just pushed around with a firm brush. I had to let some layers dry (just about overnight) then I overpainted them until I got the effect I wanted, thinning paint slightly as needed.