Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was pleased with the work done the day before and was eager to do some more work on the window. So after laying in a few more washes of Aureolin overall and letting them dry, I started on the bars and broken window frames. Several thin washes of color were laid onto these areas slowly building up layers of colour and deepening some of the tonal values as I went. I found that there was quite a bit of time spent looking at the painting in between stages and deciding what to do next. Since I had worked on the back of the paper (Arches 140lb), most of the pigment soaked into the paper making it hard to remove. This would be problematic should I find the need to lighten some areas later on - hence my caution in laying on thinner washes initially. The pigment didn't go on as smoothly as I had expected either, probably due to the fact that it was an old sheet of paper (I always date the paper after I buy it). Not that this would really be a problem as there weren't that many really smooth areas and in fact these irregular washes could help in creating extra texture especially on the wall. At this point it was looking a little bit messy but I knew that the painting would tighten up as I went along so I wasn't too worried. Next, creating interest and texture on the wall around the window.