Wednesday, March 25, 2009


An earlier version of this small study was completed some time ago and eventually led to the Morning in the Desert series of paintings. The study was painted in response to the early morning sun raking across the land. Most of the landscape was in shadow so is a more even tone and distance is implied more with color than a lessening of value.
Coming across the painting in my studio recently, I decided to repaint parts of it as I wasn't especially happy with what I had done. Starting with the sky, I added more clouds then reworked the distant mountains slightly trying to create a deeper feeling of distance. The mid and foreground also got a good going over deepening the overall tonal value and adding slightly brighter highlights. The finished effect is okay but perhaps a little pastel-looking. Certainly, it is better then the original and some valuable lessons were learnt. The oil is 7" X 9".

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