Monday, March 3, 2008


And finally, the completed painting. You will notice some more work done to the walls as well as a little more texture. The shadows have been brought to completion and of course, the bottle has been finished. I had a choice of a few different colors here as mostly these kind of bottles are shades of pale ochre but this one had a reddish-purple tint that I thought would add a little more color to the scene. Generally, apart from the bottle I only used three colors for the whole painting so I think in this case it seemed a good idea to go with a colour that differed from those. I was pleased with the outcome and have certainly not reached the end of this series. I do have yet another painting planned (only in my head at the moment) that will hopefully bring together the best of two different worlds. The completed watercolor shown here is 22" X 15".


Terry Miller said...

Hi Jeremy,
It has been fun watching you paint this work. Thanks for the tutorial. It is interestng to see the way another artist works and even though we use different mediums, there is a lot of similarity in our techniques.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Hi Terry,
Likewise, I enjoy the slow build up to completion of your work too. Like you said, very much like I do with my watercolors. I learn a lot from your work and have especially enjoyed your compositions lately. Great stuff!