Monday, February 25, 2008


Here you can see the first of the washes applied, mostly I have used Raw Sienna and a touch of Sepia for the wall, trying to keep the washes nice and transparent and light to start with. One disturbing fact that I found out when using a new tube of Windsor & Newton Raw Sienna was that the color had changed slightly from old and is now more yellowy (is that a word?). Also to make things worse, there was more opaque white added to the mix. This didn't make me happy as I am generally a 'pure' watercolorist, that is to say that I don't usually use any gouache or Chinese White in my paintings preferring instead to paint around the light areas. Over the years, I have become very used to the hues of my palette and know what to expect when using a certain colour. Well, I'll suppose that I will get used to the 'new' color but will in the meantime try a few different manufacturers and see if I can't find a Raw Sienna more to my liking.
In the painting, I have left the bottle shape plain white paper because at this point, I am still in two minds about adding the bottle or to leave it out. I'll postpone this decision until very near the end. More slightly darker washes define the shadowed areas and I go even darker on the internal wall which will have no reflected light. I mix up a muted green from Viridian and a touch of Burnt Sienna then lay in some washes onto the window frames and the bars. I again leave white paper for some of the lightest areas such as where the sunlight hits the sides of the bars and on the cobwebs etc. At this point, the general washes are not that precise as I am still getting a feel for the painting - I'll tidy them up as I go along.............

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