Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have always been fascinated by windows and doors, perhaps because for me, they represent another world. On the outside we view what is there but sometimes get a glimpse of the world within and perhaps a hint of life inside. This is a theme that I return to again and again. It started many years ago when I still lived in Hong Kong. Being interested in the Chinese culture, I often prowled around old and abandoned villages. What interested me the most was how the Chinese way of life had changed. Many old ways were left by the wayside and it was here that I found many clues to the past. Old lanterns were left rusting on dusty windowsills; wooden watering cans decayed beside the broken steps of a fresh water spring. In one old abandoned building, I found a rice winnowing machine that was still in perfect working order. Standing there, I felt the passing of the ages and was deeply moved. Looking outside was as interesting as looking in and these images and experiences gave birth to a series of paintings that continue on today.

It was in Maine that I saw the barn window above. I focused on the single window as along with the shadows from the noon-time sun, there were a number of interesting objects inside. Some were readily identifiable, others were indistinct and shadowy. I also noted the two cracked panes and took care during the painting process to include those details. This watercolor was a pleasant journey from the basic washes I first applied to establish the general tone of the piece through to the final details. As is usual in my watercolors, I slowly build up washes of color until I am happy with the result. The painting size is 30" X 22".

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