Monday, June 1, 2015


Started some time ago, I only finished the wing and back section of this work just recently. Although taking quite a bit of time, this study was for me an exercise in creating form, depth and texture. I wanted the drawing to reflect the wonder I have for these large falcons so took care to try and capture details and a likeness. Final size is 6" x 9" - graphite on paper.


john said...

You gotta love those expressive eyes. Raptor eyes in general are so hypnotic. This Gyrfalcon's visage defines it as a true predator. Good job Jeremy.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, yes for me it is all in the eyes and I always paint them first. If I get them right, usually the rest of the painting is right too. I have done quite a few studies of Gyrfalcons' and I expect that there are many more to come.