Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I loved the form of this Asian pear, especially the drooping shape of the stem. Deciding to make a painting of it, I set up in bright light from outside then started with a light drawing on smooth (hot-pressed) Arches watercolor paper. After that I probably laid down about 6 or 7 thin background washes letting each one dry in turn until I was happy with the tone. Then I painted in a yellowish-green mixture for the pear. Slowly color was built up over time leaving a thin underwash for the lightest area, then the final details were added to represent the texture of the skin and the slightly wrinkled stem. The shadow was added last and look quite some time until I was finally happy with it. Size is 7.5" x 11".


john said...

Elegant work. Good enough to eat.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks, and it was good to eat too!