Monday, July 16, 2018


Finally finished this one. Took a little longer than expected but I'm happy with the result. For the most part, I kept the painting where I could easily see it between stages so as to give me a better idea what to do next. Some areas needed darkening while I some others a slight lightening. The background was finished off with the addition of pale yellow grasses - this helped define the upper edges of the snow and also added a bit of perspective. I had to re-visit the grass in the foreground and played around with that area for awhile until I was satisfied. This painting is part of a long-term project so will be put away until I get closer to the end of it. When I have enough work completed, I'll explain in more detail, for now it's on to the next one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Working on the details of the grasses took some time as I had to paint around most of the stalks and also suggest details behind the grass. Some parts are in shade so I used darker and richer washes for those areas. The lowest log was completed adding a few cracks and checks along with some annual rings etc. I may have to go a little darker on it but I want to finish the painting first then see. The snow had a few thin washes of purple added to take off some of the whiteness and some of the edges were further darkened suggesting a little snow melt - I also slightly darkened the snow shadows here and there. Getting close now so hopefully I'll be able to finish this one during the next painting session.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Here I have built up some of the darkest tones and indicated some of the shadows within the painting. Most of the log ends are close to being complete but I'll probably have another go at them a bit later on when the painting is almost finished. I tend to let the work develop on its own rather than rushing ahead to get it done. In between, I can always work on something else and I check out the work from time to time to see what needs to be done next. I don't mind the painting taking longer than it should just as long as it goes just where I want it to. Next is probably the most difficult part - working on the foreground grasses. This and the shadows in the snow will hopefully bring it closer to being complete.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


With a start made on some of the smaller log ends, I began working on the two larger ones. Blending sepia with a little burnt sienna allowed for a few different color temperatures and to add variation to the ends. When doing the more recent studies on site, I noticed that the wood had bleached out quite a bit since from when it was first cut (these logs have been lying there for a few years now). As I continue defining the logs, I carefully paint around the snow areas as they will be mostly white paper with perhaps a faint purplish wash to tone down the starkness a little. The log on the lower left is where the root system was cut low to the ground and has many wonderful nooks and crannies. I'm sure this area will be quite difficult to paint so will get to that bit next.