Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There have not been any blogs for awhile since I have been on holiday but now that I am back working in the studio again, I hope to publish more regularly. The painting above was completed just before I left but I didn't have time to post it.
During the many trips I have taken to different places around the world, I have always tried to get the most out of each. This has meant much exploring and taking the path least travelled. I have had some amazing experiences along the way and also plenty of new reference and ideas for paintings. Abandoned Barn though came out of a short walk I took near my home in an area that I had passed but not realised was accessible. It certainly pays to explore and frankly, I was astounded when I came across this barn as this was something that I had long been looking for. I started this painting the same day and the scene is pretty much just as I saw it. I didn't even have to set anything up - everything was there with the old bucket in the upper level and the amazing abstract areas of light and dark. The white winged shape in the board just inside the lower doorway seemed to somehow lift the painting as it seems to fly into the shadows. This painting has inspired a number of others of the same barn - one of which I have just finished and I'll feature it here later on. This watercolor is 22" X 15".

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