Monday, March 31, 2014


And finally here is the completed painting. Not that much different from where I left off last time but there have been some remaining feathers of the lower wing lightly stated along with a subtle deepening of the burnt sienna tones of the upper wing and back. I added the fine hair-like feathers between the eye and the beak and tidied up some of the smaller feather markings here and there. Not a lot really but this attention to detail is important to me and brought the painting to its final stage. With most of the detail concentrated around the head, ones focus goes there first but I think there it still enough of the rest of the bird to explain it's unusual name and the fading out of the ferruginous color keeps that from dominating the painting - this was what I had in my mind for the portrait when I first conceived of the piece. Ferruginous Hawk is in watercolor on Bainbridge rag matboard. Size is 8" x 12" (20cm x 30.5cm).


John Holmes said...

Well worth the stages to get to the finish..

The shape of the bill and gape really bring this one alive for me.

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, thanks. I have since done a little more work to this painting mostly deepening the tones on the back and wing - it may even need a bit more. Some works are never finished it seems!