Saturday, March 22, 2014


A few years ago, we drove down from San Francisco along the coast to Carmel stopping at a few different places along the way. Spectacular doesn't really sum up the incredible views seen looking along the shore and out to sea. I managed to do a few sketches while on that trip planning to do a whole series of paintings once I got back to the studio but other paintings and projects took me away from that idea. Lately, since I still can't stand for long, I am doing a lot of watercolors which are usually done sat at a working table. This small study was one of them - usually I would do this kind of thing in oils and as time goes by and I am able to work at the easel for longer periods, I may do a larger version of this. Here I was simply trying to catch the warmth of the sun on the rocky coastline and the spray from a breaking wave. Size is 5" x 7", watercolor on Fabriano paper.


john said...

This post made me a little homesick. I grew up in Santa Barbara and I used to sell artwork out of Carmel. I really love that coast and mourn that fact that so much of it is developed to death.
Good luck with your recovery.

John Holmes said...

By coincidence, I was there a few days ago !

A magnificent coastline but horribly busy if you turn up on a Sunday, which was what we carelessly did.

Anyway, the image brings the views down there back to mind nicely (a clumsly phrase - I'll blame jet-lag !)

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, this was my first visit to the area and the California coast has been a place that I have always wanted to go - thankfully I wasn't disappointed! Great to hear that you grew up in the area, must have been wonderful for an artist!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks for the comment John. BTW, it was great seeing you and Jemi at the various ticks around Hong Kong in Jan, thanks for putting us onto the plover so quickly - it was a great month for rareties and I think I added 9 new birds to my HK list!