Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This small study was done in my sketchbook in response to an image I saw at the farm that I mentioned a little while ago on my blog. In most of my paintings, I don't set things up preferring to paint things mostly as I see them. It is often harder this way but actually makes me look a little harder at what is around me trying to see interesting patterns and shapes etc. Such was the case here with these old chains draped over a fork of one of the main posts supporting the larger shed. Of course it was the sunlight that brought the scene to life along with the shadow lines against the inner wall behind the post. A strange hook hung from the rafters and this was the only thing that I moved slightly for a better composition. I enjoyed the slightly abstract feel to the scene and was the underlying impetus for the work. Next, on to the full-size painting and I have photographed this one in stages to show how I went about creating the finished painting. They will be posted next.

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