Friday, March 19, 2010


The darker wash of Burnt Umber and Sepia went onto the bottom first. I did this as a way of indicating my darkest darks first so as to better be able to judge other relevant tones against this. I'll still go darker in this area but was happy with the tone to start with. I had to carefully paint around the lower hooks and portions of chains as I didn't want to use any masking fluid. The background boards had a few washes of Burnt Umber applied and came out surprisingly reddish - more like Burnt Sienna than Umber! I checked the tube and yes- it did read Burnt Umber. I suspect like some of the other colors in the Windsor and Newton range, these have been modified slightly. This 'new' color was definitely not the same as the tube I had just finished. Somewhat frustrating when you are used to a certain color being what it is then someone goes and changes it. Still I'll simply lay some weak washes of blue over this which should bring it back to what I wanted in the first place. I lightly indicated the greyish tones on the main post and set it aside to dry.


Steve Gibson said...

Thanks for the running dialog as you work on your painting so as to let us know what you are thinking as you do it. Great job! I like it.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Much appreciated Steve. Like many other artists, I have always enjoyed watching a painting develop through the various stages to completion and so try to do that myself when I can. I think it's a lot more interesting than just showing the finished work.