Friday, October 2, 2009


I saw this scene in the South Californian desert a number of years ago and I was moved by the soft evening light and the shapes of the round boulders. I have done quite a few paintings of this area - the trip that I took left a deep impression on my psyche and I hope to go back one day perhaps to Death Valley. I started this painting some time ago and it has dragged on for all this time - even now, I'm still not convinced that I'm finished with it. Anyway, I have had enough of it for now and will take another look at it sometime in the future when I can look at the painting with a fresh eye. The watercolor is 15" X 22".


Terry Miller said...

Ah Jeremy, reminds me of the Hoodoos east of Tucson in Arizona. Nice, so far! Hope to see it at Waterfowl.

Johnny said...

Jeremy this is wonderful and those portraits are absolutely stunning!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks so much for the comments as always. Terry, I do hope to have this one at the Waterfowl Festival plus a few new paintings too.