Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here I have completed most of the upper rocks. At this point in the painting process, I'm not too worried about the exact tones of the rocks as I'll have to see how it all looks when I get closer to finishing the work. If necessary, I'll lighten or darken them when I have completed the water in the foreground as this will be the last of the white areas left on the canvas. I suppose I could tone the whole canvas right from the start but I have never really liked doing this and feel that it's better to stick with what comes most natural to me. While the most recent work is drying, I turn my attention to the water adding some more white to the top of the breaking wave and also to some of the larger waves in the background but being careful not to overdo it. Tomorrow I'll finish the lower rocks then work on the foreground.


John said...

Aaaah... I thought it was all snowy, but then I'm an impatient fellow !

Looking forward to seeing the rest in due course.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Sounds a bit like me John, and at times can't wait for the outcome. This affects my painting as well as birding (I think that's why I prefer open spaces - usually more things to look at!). With this painting though, things are going along smoothly so hopefully it will be finished soon.