Thursday, November 26, 2009


My recent trips down to the Eastern Shore of Maryland has re-awakened my desire to do more paintings of the region. I prefer the marshes and backwater areas, often finding myself driving down roads I had not travelled before. Most of the landscape thereabouts is flat, the water table not far down so my views are sweeping with large open skies, such as the painting above. This one done in the studio was based on a smaller plein air study finished earlier and both were the inspiration for the much larger 30" X 40" Blackwater painting posted on my blog sometime ago. When out walking and painting in the landscape I prefer the mornings and evenings, often getting up before dawn to witness the breaking of the new day. These time are very special to me and is the reason why I paint so many of them. I never tire of the different light and moods that nature has to offer during those times and no two days are the same. I truly haven't spent enough time there to really understand the landscape but plan on going back time and time again, hopefully gaining more insight with each visit. Blackwater Evening Study is an oil on canvas, size 8" x 10".

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