Tuesday, March 17, 2009


First I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been traveling quite a bit and also doing a lot of work on the house. Not real excuses perhaps but I hope to update more regularly from now on.
During one of my trips to Canada, I rose before dawn hoping to discover something new with the landscape near where I was staying. I certainly wasn't disappointed that morning as I was greeted with heavy mist when I stepped outside. Hiking near the river, shapes slowly formed into trees, bushes only to disappear within minutes as heavier mist rolled in again. It was a magical world unlike anything I had experienced before and as the light expanded slowly in the East, objects that were once shades of grey took on subtle form and color. And in the calm silence as I stood witness to the birth of another day, I was taken with a mood of peaceful unreality and delight. I seemed to be floating, part of an ethereal landscape with tendrils of mist slowly drifting past. Two crows flew silently overhead and distantly came the calls of geese far downriver. Moments like these are rare for me and have now led to a new series of paintings, the first of which is above. Morning Mist - November (oil on canvas) is an 8" X 10".


Terry Miller said...

Jeremy! Good to see you back and well worth the wait as this is a beautiful and evocative work. I look forward to more.

From The Studio Floor said...

What a gorgeous atmospheric painting. well worth the early wakeup!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks so much for the comments Terry and Matt, you certainly are an inspiration. Thanks also to Cherry and Tony for their recent comments.