Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Returning briefly to the theme of my last post (mainly my fascination with windows and doors) I wanted to share this image. While most of this series has dealt with the outside looking in, here I am inside looking out. The theme in this painting is of course the light. The scene is the interior of a abandoned house in a Chinese village. Unfortunately this building (and many others) no longer exists but I was fortunate to complete studies and paintings of both the outside and the inside. Here I concentrated on one window and the afternoon sun coming through the hazy window panes. Dust and other detritus has accumulated on the sill creating a secondary point of interest. I was careful to capture these details along with the subtle tones and textures of the wall. The bars are for protection against unwanted entry and add a further dynamic. Again, I was careful to capture a dusty feel of fading and chipped paint which I felt was very important to the painting. Outside is just a hint of vegetation particular to the area. The shadows are muted due to the almost opaque panes but are important none the less to the overall feel of strong sunlight outside. While inside the house working on the studies for this painting, I felt the strong presence of spirits and was thankful that I was working during the day! This watercolour is titled Afternoon Sun and measures 15" X 11".

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